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We believe food should be treated well, prepared well, served well; the pleasure of eating should come from an inclusive experience, an experience where the surroundings, the service and the culinary details play like an orchestra.

We would be happy to discuss available opportunities. Please give us a call and schedule an interview at 570-390-7860.
See who we are and what we are all about at


We currently have multiple positions available. We are a growing company with opportunity for advancement as well as openings at top level positions. If you are interested in a position in the restaurant industry that allows for..

* 5 day work weeks
* Paid time off
* Very competitive salaries
* Drama free work environment
* Clear expectations
* Recognition for individual accomplishments 
* Trust, Respect and an opportunity for growth
* A professional sense of pride


Come Work With Us

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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